Most Common Thefts in Restaurants & the fast way to investigate them

Your guide to uncovering employee theft and regaining lost revenue

What's in the Ebook?

Theft happens in every restaurant. It’s inevitable when employees, most of which are working on minimum wage, are handling thousands of dollars per day. But where theft happens is not so obvious. Half the battle is knowing what to look for in your transactions and video. That's why we wrote this ebook. 

In this 16-page ebook, we uncover the 7 most common ways employees steal and the red flags to look for. Think of it as your cheat sheet to loss prevention.  

In this free ebook, you'll learn:

The biggest instance of theft at the point of sales. If nothing else, this is the one you want to be diligent about. 

The 7 most common ways team members (and managers) steal, based on years of experience and hundreds of restaurant owners we've worked with.




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Sohrab Shalileh

Solink is the Cloud-Based Security Platform that's making store security simple, affordable and proactive. We've helped restaurant franchisees, enterprise retailers and financial institutions streamline loss prevention and regain lost revenue.

When it comes to restaurant theft, Sohrab has seen it all. He has worked at a quick service restaurant franchise for almost 10 years as both a team member and manager. Now he is part of the Customer Success team at Solink helping restaurant owners and managers reduce losses and improve their operations.

How to simplify your investigations to save yourself or your managers hours of work.

Most Common Thefts in Restaurants & the fast way to investigate them

"Excellent tool - thank you!!"

Jeffrey Bell, Franchise Owner and President of Behind the Scenes Management Inc.

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