We send software updates to all our customers every 30-45 days based on customer feedback. Instead of becoming outdated over time, your Solink system will continuously improve. See these features live by requesting a demo with our team.

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Advanced search functionality 

Search for events in video using multiple filters, such as locations, POS terminals, payment method, discounts, motion, and more.

Bookmark events

Create a Bookmark in video for later review or to share with others.

Pre-defined reports 

Use predefined reports to quickly find transactions that match known fraud patterns. These reports automatically update with new data.

Create custom reports 

Create your own reports based on common search combinations. The report will automatically update with new data.

Daily Email Digest 

Get daily alerts of interesting or suspicious events right in your inbox.

Integrate video with transactions 

Link surveillance video from multiple camera angles to transactional data from POS terminals, ATMs and Tellers. This allows the video to be filtered by any field in the transaction.

Integrate video with other data sources 

Link surveillance video to other relevant data sources, such as access control.

Searchable notes 

Add searchable notes to any event in the system.

Download and share evidence 

Easily download snapshots or video clips to your device. Share events via link, email or SMS.

Built-in case management app

Import multiple events straight to the built-in case management app to escalate investigations and collaborate with others.

Quick-play functionality 

Increase video playback speed to save time.

Video Management

Secure mobile access 

Securely access your account through your web browser or mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.

Manage 1 or multiple locations 

Manage as many locations as you’d like on the same account. Conduct video and transaction searches based on 1 or all locations.

360º panoramic camera support 

Touch and motion based virtual reality support for 360º  panoramic cameras.

1 year retention in the cloud 

Transactions and a jpeg image from the video are stored in the cloud for 1 year.

Hybrid local and cloud video storage 

Hybrid local and cloud video storage that is tailored to suit each location’s bandwidth availability and retention requirements.

Remotely managed video infrastructure 

Your recorder and cameras are monitored by our software 24/7. We’ll be alerted of and take care of any problems or downtime. 

Account Management

In-app customer support 

Get support within minutes through the live-chat feature in the app.

Admin and manager accounts 

Add multiple users to your account with configurable access.