Solink Release 3.7.4 Updates

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The new Solink release of 3.7.4  is now available to our partners and customers. The updates are listed below along with instructions on how you can start using them. If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us:

Live Page (v2.0.9)

For Solink Connect recorders only (QNAP and Lenovo)

Save Video in .mp4 format for review or distribution in any common video player

1. Look for the “Save Video” icon on the timeline control panel

Solink release

2. Navigate to the desired footage you’d like to save by zooming-in on the timeline
3. Click the “Save video” icon on the timeline control panel
4. You will be asked to validate the start/end-time – click “Ok”

save video mp4 2

Custom start/end time when browsing the timeline

1.Navigate to the correct date through the calendar picker
2. Click “Custom” and enter a start & end time to zoom the timeline

custom start end time

3. Change military time to standard time (AM/PM)
4. Button tooltips displayed with mouse hover (save image, save video)
5. Full screen button on each video

Solink release

Web Interface (v3.7.4)

For Solink Connect recorders only (QNAP and Lenovo)

Have ‘Viewer’ role that can only access the Live page

New user profiles allow specific users to only see the “Live page”
1. Click on Users – Either add or modify an existing users
2. Under “Role” change to “Viewer”

Solink release

On next login the user will only have access to the Live page

Solink release

Connect (v1.5.2)

For Solink Connect recorders only (QNAP and Lenovo)

Multiview page can be run independently (without links to other Connect pages)

In the Solink Recorder, when clicking on “Live”. This will take you to the “Multiview” page.

Solink release

This page can now be used as a spot monitor without access to the VMS camera Edit page. Cameras can be edited from any remote location by enabling the spot-monitor view.

Solink release

HIK cameras should allow setting the bitrate (instead of quality)

Only for QNAP
When adding or modifying existing cameras (Click “Edit” on any camera)


For HIK cameras a “bitrate” monitor has been added to manage bitrate.

Solink release

Bug Fixes

Web Interface:

  • Reports export to excel in proper format
  • Dashboards automatically add new controllers, ability to dynamically pick up all controllers in a folder so it’s easily extendable.
  • Video not available notice on events page
  • general dashboard bug fixes

Solink Connect

  • Multiview page uses flash player, which crashes intermittently. added auto-refresh periodically

Developer support

For Solink Connect recorders only (QNAP and Lenovo)

  • Enable CORS for REST API
  • Add ‘Viewer’ role to database
  • Allow analytics to be run on posted images