What Our Customers Are Saying

   Chris McCluskey
Restaurant Franchisee

Before Solink, the DVR was a tool we used when something happened. It was a manual process, it took a lot of time. It could be hours in front of the DVR trying to find something very specific. We were just used to dealing with video in a certain way and it was cumbersome and time consuming but it was just what we did.

What I really love about Solink is that it’s not just a product, it’s a solution. I love the ability to log in at any time and in two seconds get snapshots of 11 restaurants in our system and see how their dining room looks or how their back counter looks and know that we’re delivering on the promises to our guests.

I think what really sold us was the idea that the Solink team was willing to work with us to customize the solution to our industry and even our business. I’m excited about Solink because I believe they’ll continue to improve their product and I know that they’re very receptive to our feedback. I’m really looking forward to what comes next.

     Johnny Mizzoni
Restaurant Franchisee

Thanks to your service, we caught a theft ring that was stealing between $8,000-$10,000 a year not even considering food costs. Solink makes it easy to obtain video evidence, even when I’m not at my desktop or in my stores. This has never been possible with any of our past systems.

It’s a wonderful success story. I now advertise it to my managers so they know someone’s keeping an eye on my cameras. I consider it to be an asset, and I’m comfortable with your service because I know it will keep good people from making bad decisions.

  Kyle Welch
Restaurant Franchisee

Solink is one of the technologies we’ve adopted that has changed our whole landscape for being able to scale as quickly as we have. From a product and service standpoint, it has streamlined travel, it has allowed us to have eyes and ears on restaurants as we’ve grown so fast, it has streamlined our theft prevention and security processes.

Within a matter of days you can be live with security cameras integrated with the POS and you don’t have the $5000 up front cost like most security companies do. On a price standpoint, it’s more affordable than the rest. Plus having it all in the cloud so I can access everything remotely. The value is huge.

Anyone that cares about their business, whether that’s a single unit operator or 100 units, should have a service like Solink.

     Aaron Rogers
Director of Risk Services
     Axcess Financial

The ability to quickly pinpoint fraud and streamline our investigations has made a clear impact to our bottom line.

   Terri Huang
Restaurant Franchisee

It’s the easiest way to review transactions and video from my stores. Having constant access to my data provides me with a new peace of mind.

   Nick Magee
 Human Resources
Restaurant Franchisee

A Guest came through our Drive Thru and snow fell on their window, they claimed this cracked the windshield. Using Solink I was able to find the video coverage in just a few minutes, which showed that their windshield was cracked before the snow hit it.

The insurance company was very impressed with how fast we were able to send the footage and the image quality showing the cracked windshield, saving us a false insurance claim.

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