Use Video to Measure and Track Events that Matter Most

Make context-driven decisions by linking video to events in your business

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Our Video Discovery Platform Makes Video SEE and THINK the Way You Do

Our Approach

Our platform collects data from all available sources

Our platform collects and combines data from multiple sources. We processes data from video, ATM, Point-of-Sale, sensors, etc. on a central platform.


Video and event data is mined and analyzed by our applications

Our department specific applications identify insights that help businesses take action and solve real-world problems. Your data doesn’t just sit around, we put it to work.


Decision-makers gain actionable insights through customizable reports and visualizations

Results are reported in real-time via email or SMS text. Users can log on from any web-enabled device to access simple reports and visualizations that help them understand what the data is communicating.


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Our Applications


Fraud Detection and Prevention

Use video to detect and prevent fraud at financial institutions. Solink’s contextual analytics help you identify and investigate irregular events in real-time.

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Retail Marketing and Operations

Track and measure in-store customer engagement with insights from video and event data. Learn how to give your customers what they really want.

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Short-term Loan Compliance

Reduce exposure and speed up investigation times with contextual analytics. Better track and identify irregular activities that lead to fraud.

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Take FULL advantage of your video data

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