Loss Prevention has never been this easy

With Solink, you can embrace a fast, simple and intuitive way to protect your business from fraud. Regain lost revenue and get back to doing the things you love.

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Works with your existing cameras. Easy to install.

Meet the Solink Platform

Solink is the leading cloud-based solution for video recording, loss prevention, and investigations.

Centralize data from a single or multiple locations

All you need is an internet connection to securely access all cameras, video streams, transactions and event notifications.

Reduce investigation times from hours to minutes

Solink audits 100% of transactions and notifies you of suspicious events. Collecting your evidence takes just minutes.

Simple subscription service, no hardware costs

Unlike traditional security systems, there’s no additional cost to install, maintain or upgrade your system.

We’ve processed over 60 million hours of surveillance video and 160 million transactions to help businesses stop fraud.


Thanks to your service, we caught a theft ring that was stealing between $8,000-$10,000 a year not even considering food costs.

Solink makes it easy to obtain video evidence, even when I’m not at my desktop or in my stores. This has never been possible with any of our past systems.”

Johnny Mizzoni
Restaurant Franchisee

“The ability to quickly pinpoint fraud and streamline our investigations has made a clear impact to our bottom line.”

Aaron Rogers
Director of Risk Services at Axcess Financial

Before Solink, it could be hours in front of the DVR trying to find something very specific. We were just used to dealing with video in a certain way and it was cumbersome and time consuming but it was just what we did.

Solink has really taken the manual process out of investigations and allowed real time collaboration.”

Chris McCluskey
Restaurant Franchisee

Find out how Solink can help

Quick Service Restaurants

Cut down on your security costs and spend less time worrying about theft in your restaurants so you can focus on making great meals and serving your customers.

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Retail and Convenience

Be proactive about fraud. Solink will notify your loss prevention team of suspicious events and our app will let them collaborate on investigations in one interface.

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Financial Institutions

Reduces investigation times from hours to minutes. Search for ATM, Teller and motion events across your entire footprint with video verification from a centralize system.

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Works with your existing cameras
No hardware costs
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